Friday, October 31, 2008

Does Ryanair offer zero transaction charges with Visa Electron because nobody uses it?

Does Ryanair offer zero transaction charges with Visa Electron because nobody carries the card, and they can then charge everyone else loads more money to fly, while pretending that their flights are nearly a fiver cheaper than they really are?

Just wondering...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Explosions in Colombo

We heard distant explosions or gunfire about an hour or so ago, followed a few minutes later by a power cut. People near the oil refinery report explosions there, and Reuters reports that a Tamil Tiger plane bombed the refinery. Lanka Business Online reports a fire in a power station.

Power has been restored. Nothing on local TV yet. We're some distance from the explosions - everyone here's fine.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clearly what we really need is more anthems. And flags.

I missed this story when it came out the other week, but it seems that the EU has now officially recognised its flag, anthem and motto. Apart from the motto, which hardly anyone knows, and fewer people care about, wasn't this supposed to be one of the key differences between the failed EU constitutional treaty, and the new (and temporarily failed) not-quite-so-constitutional treaty? That there was no anthem or flag, so it couldn't possibly be a superstate in the making?

Let's hear it for free internet access

Thanks to the enlightened airport planners of Doha who have allowed free internet access for transit passengers. Hopefully the machines don't have too many keyloggers installed - I just got a pop up saying a popular anti-virus package was deactivated!

At least it means I can catch up with my email - even if I have to change all my passwords when I arrive.

Off to Colombo next. Hi Maithrie, if you're reading this. See you soon :-)