Friday, November 10, 2006

Male Restroom Etiquette

Some of you may have wondered why we men don't go to the toilet in groups of three or more. All that and more is explained here, in Male Restroom Etiquette, a video at

Warning - this is true. Kind of. Only look if you really want to know... like that will stop you.
Rating: funny, slightly icky, educational.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Velvet sock and cloven hoof?

"We're not the Nasty Party any more", say the Tories, but today they announced a new immigration policy. They want to "significantly reduce" immigration, and bring in annual quotas. They say that public services will be swamped by the new workers who are moving here to take up many hard-to-fill posts. Except that the birthrate here is falling. The proportion of workers paying into pensions versus retired people claiming pensions is getting dangerously low. And if services are inadequate (and they are) then keeping out foreigners is solving the wrong problem! Maybe we should, you know, improve the services so they can meet our needs?

But it's not just Cameron's Tories -- Labour is even worse! Tony Blair has all of this short-sighted "be nasty to foreigners" badness, with added ID card insanity. They are still pretending that fingerprinting innocent citizens, building a new all-seeing, big brother, national database with files on everyone, and compulsory "voluntary ID cards" for all will somehow help eliminate crime, immigration, terrorism, and rain [1] on bank holidays!

[1] OK - maybe the rainy bank holidays are supposed to be fixed by global warming caused by an ineffective environmental policy.
But the rest is true.