Saturday, March 26, 2005

Slightly better Saturday

Good news today! My car has been recovered. Apparently the police used a stinger to stop it, so the tyres are dead. No idea whether the delinquents in the car were caught.

The car itself is at a garage, awaiting the Scene of Crime Officer, with his fingerprinting kit, deerstalker, and magnifying glass - or whatever it is they do these days. Apparently there is a lot of crime on, so he may be a while.

Whatever happened to shooting joyriders? Can't we bring that back? Didn't they hang horse-thieves... maybe they were on to something - there wasn't a lot of re-offending after that. On the positive side, it looks like I don't need to worry about turning into a liberal leftie after all!

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Flaming Firegeni said...

:) Thats good news!

Hey a "deerstalker" sounds kewl. You can toss it into nonchalantly into conversation as a sort of bonus "the otherday when the deerstalker was..." sort of opening line.

I was told by a friend who recently had his car vandalised in Nottingham that what the police and such like lawkeepers do these days are shades on the variation of "nothing much". The police apparently, as you realised, don't have time for joy riders!Its far too mild a crime for priority attention - you have to be either raped, mauled, killed, or your house burnt down to get a decent look in your direction.

My friend ofcoure (not being a conscientious liberal leftie), thought it might be a good idea to give the law a little help and give the delinquents in his area a sound thrashing when they next popped by and defaced his fence and damaged the cherry tree.

I did point out a detail - should he try to discpline delinquents he would be skewered through like a bit of errant beef, which I explained he wouldn't realllly like now would he.

But Ahhh! The sweet delight of seeing somebody roundly punished! Capital punishment - now we are more lessons necessary and all that. ;)I might be extremely heartless but I would say that some offences deserve death - and I *am* a *liberal leftie*.

Sooo...juuuust maybe you are someday gonna be a good ol' libleft after all. You can be a closet libleft if you wanna save your reputation ;)