Thursday, April 20, 2006

Categorical denial

They said there were no categories on Blogger... (and they were right). So I had a wee think about it, and now there are! Sort of, anyway!

I thought about writing special index pages of my own, neatly categorised. I wasn't sure where I'd host them though. Then I had a better idea - why not add categories to the main page by messing with the template? I could use css styles (like "display:none") to hide the "irrelevant" articles from the categories that are not required, and JavaScript to change the styles around when the blog mode changes.

So I messed a bit with the template, and now you can pick the category of blog you wished I'd write, and ignore all the rubbish I write on other subjects. I've even used cookies to remember from one visit to the next what you want to see, and what you'd rather ignore.

Assigning a category to a new article is still manual, but I'm thinking about that too...

For now, if you want to know how it works, RTFS (read the source, Luke).

1 comment:

Flaming Firegeni said...

Categorical Geek that was.

Me gasps and chokes. Goes glaze eyed. Worries. Coughs.

Then breathes sigh of releif. I don't NEED to understand Geek. Is optional.