Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Road trip

It's been a busy weekend, and a busy week too! Off to England at the end of last week for a good friend's wedding. Caught up with lots of old friends, and generally had a great time - we especially enjoyed the dark satanic mills!

Then wandered around England a bit for work. Met some of our foreign colleagues, who seem to know what they are talking about (which is nice). And noticed that England seems to have developed far more speed cameras than I remembered. We may well be the most watched people ever.

I drove three cars in four days, and discovered that Saabs are mad, that cruise control is a real boon when you have to keep to 40 on a stretch of motorway, and that the AA website routefinder directions are not always as good as they might be (or that I can't read... but I don't think that was it). Maybe I should get myself one of those satellite navigation systems instead for my birthday? Fortunately it's not for a while yet, so I have plenty of time for sanity and my "how much would I really use it" instincts to reassert themselves.

So... are they any good, these SatNav thingies?


Monique said...

dark satanic mills?

I prefer the Zen navigation technique: finding someone who looks like they know where they are going and then following them. Or as Douglas Adams said "I don't often get to were I intended to go, but I always get to where I need to be" or something like that.

And as for your "how much would I really use it" instinct - it's highly over-rated. I mean, really dude, how often do you use that instinct :-b

Paul said...

Good point :-)

Flaming Firegeni said...

:) Nah. SatNav is no good.

Wot is good is a person who says "right round the roundabout".

That may take a little longer to get to the destination but you gotta admit that you get to see the countryside.

Alternatively, best go with femininie intuition such as "I KNOW it is that way".

Rach said...

It depends who you've got with you whether or not you'd overly use the SatNav - I happen to be awesome with driving directions and successfully got a stubborn man who refused to listen to me to and home again from Lisburn last night. Listen to people!!

Rach said...

Why would ECDL be your fault?

Finished though - got 100% in most of them - allow one cross-marker took a mark off! Grrr...