Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Silly season

Parliament has risen for the summer, so it's officially the "Silly Season". Of course it's been the Silly Season in Northern Ireland politics for ages - the Assembly has been suspended since 2002, and they are only now talking about restarting it. What do you reckon the chances are of our politicians getting their acts together by the November deadline, and agreeing to form a government? Or will we be condemned to a Silly Season that never ends...?


Anonymous said...

Ya just never know what's gonna happen next, LOL!

I'm guessing Nov 24 will come and go without a deal and direct rule (with limited Irish gov't input) continues.

I saw your comments on the repartition thread over on Slugger.

Good luck with your blog, Paul.

Flaming Firegeni said...

Perhaps they could do the invaluable act of instituting the Ministry of Silly Walks during the Silly Season. It would be a fitting act. And very funny too. Wouldn't you enjoy watching a couple of big names doing a Silly Walk John Cleese style?

Politicians don't get their acts together, they get together and "act" :P Tcha.