Thursday, November 09, 2006

Velvet sock and cloven hoof?

"We're not the Nasty Party any more", say the Tories, but today they announced a new immigration policy. They want to "significantly reduce" immigration, and bring in annual quotas. They say that public services will be swamped by the new workers who are moving here to take up many hard-to-fill posts. Except that the birthrate here is falling. The proportion of workers paying into pensions versus retired people claiming pensions is getting dangerously low. And if services are inadequate (and they are) then keeping out foreigners is solving the wrong problem! Maybe we should, you know, improve the services so they can meet our needs?

But it's not just Cameron's Tories -- Labour is even worse! Tony Blair has all of this short-sighted "be nasty to foreigners" badness, with added ID card insanity. They are still pretending that fingerprinting innocent citizens, building a new all-seeing, big brother, national database with files on everyone, and compulsory "voluntary ID cards" for all will somehow help eliminate crime, immigration, terrorism, and rain [1] on bank holidays!

[1] OK - maybe the rainy bank holidays are supposed to be fixed by global warming caused by an ineffective environmental policy.
But the rest is true.

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Flaming Firegeni said...

DOHHH (said with particular intonation please note).

Rant rant rant. Huh *&$%^£"^ Not at your blog entry but the train of thought it triggered off :D I oughta really put this on my blog verbatim.

These blathering politicians! Someone should give everyone around here a history lesson.

Mother Queen was sent "glorious, happy and victorious, long to reign over them..." and grow rich and become "deveoloped".

Rule Britannica was busy colonising parts of the world...and telling the colonised how marvelous Mother Britain (and the queen) is. Meanwhile they make a lot of money from the "children" countries. These countries are after all part of the...what did they call it...remember...THE COMMON...WEALTH. Excuse me while I laugh. But where did that "Common wealth" end up. Over on the shores of Britain.

Okay okay never mind. We can forget all of that. FOrgive and forget lets say.

But what I can't get over is that now they are throwing up their hands in horror and saying "eeeek look, those undeveloped people want to come to our country". "eeeek look they are making money off us and getting rich".

Excuse ME? Paardunn! What kind of twaddle is that? No really? It is a bit like dangling the juiciest carrots in front of the donkeys (whose carrots they stole) and then taking offence because the donkey reaches out for it.

Sigh. I am a bit tired of all the talk of all the charity that goes to the poor countries and how all this "aid" needs to be sent. Helllooo? Mother Queen filched it all off us in the first place innit - to make the landed gentry rich and all that. So should we not view it as just repayment. Ironically the "developing countries" are put into further debt.

Moreover if Mother Brittanica went out to lay her eggs in places across the seas, hatch the little chicks and train them to be little Brits, what are the complaints when the fledglings grow up and have a homing instinct and return home to roost.

What I find funny is that very soon Britian will be a little Europe because guess what? All those EU folk are just dying to come in to the UK and settle down here. All the EU students I have met have no intention of returning to their countries. And Britain can do sweet nothing to pack them off home :D I find that hilarious. Really.

What a looong rant