Sunday, June 10, 2007

Organic Raspberries

It must be Summer! The Sphinx (probably the best Kebab joint in Belfast) is apparently frying new potatoes.

The sun was beating down.

And just this morning I noticed that my first raspberry of the season was nearly ripe. By this evening there were several, so for the next few weeks there will be fresh organic raspberries at casa notmyopinion.

Even if they are only organic because I'm too lazy to spray them!


Rach said...

"The Sphinx (probably the best Kebab joint in Belfast)"

I've heard friends tell me they've qaited an hour to get a kebab out of there... I really must try it!

To be honest, I judge the summer season in Belfast with the height of bonfires... Have you seen the one on Shaws Bridge? It has a caravan!

I have an English friend moving to NI (after three years of hearing nothing but NI jokes from him... oh the irony) for a job. He has to be here by July - just in time to see NI at its best, right?


Paul said...

Your friend really should have come during the Drumcree season, a few years back. I was visiting a friend off Great Victoria street at the time, and when we looked out of the window, there was a car burning at the end of his road.

I've not seen the Shaws Bridge bonfire yet - is the caravan for the guys who guard it, or part of the fire?

And the Sphinx Kebabs are good - they use actual meat, rather than the usual spam-on-a-stick.