Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My msn keeps stoping

That's what they keep telling me. If you use MSN at all you may have seen messages like this (usually exactly like this):

<girl's name> says:
Hey Paul .....
This is <other girl's name>. My msn keeps stoping (sic) but would like to chat.
I am always online here
<completely different name>
They probably want me to visit their site with a buggy version of Internet Explorer so they can sell me viagra or automatically install some hacking malware on my computer to steal my credit card numbers and passwords, or make my PC part of their network of MSN-spamming zombies.

Who replies to these things, or visits their websites?

What are MSN doing about the problem?

And when will we see draconian and effective laws (and effective policing) to stop or punish this behaviour. It's not just a technical problem - and it's time the law caught up.

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