Thursday, January 29, 2009

What in the name of all landfills were Debenhams thinking?

These days it's apparently fashionable to be green. Which is why it's all the more shocking when you see something so incredibly environmentally hostile from a major UK company.

Here is what Debenhams used to pack six tiny plates.

And why did they all have to be packed separately? Are we the only ones to ever get more than one plate at a time?

At least some of the packaging was biodegradable.


Monique said...

perhaps all that extra "stuff" is actually the raw material necessary for making more dishes? Soak the cardboard to make some sort of gooppy clay, mold into vessel shaped objects, let dry and voila! a unique set of handmade dishes...?? Or maybe, just maybe, you could make a really rockin' cabinet to store those little plates? Or... you can use the bubble wrap to create some sort of security zone around the precious plates (oh I love that popping sound bubble wrap makes when it's squeezed). Or... nope, that's all I got...

Anonymous said...

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