Saturday, February 28, 2009

Evverything feels better after a good breakfast

Last night we arrived in Manchester Airport. The flight was pleassant, and the sandwiches were very nice - and half price, because it was the last flight off the day (Ryanair probably inccrease the prices instead, for out of hours catering).

That was the good part.

There was nobody at Manchester airport to meet us with a wheelchair. Fortunately the staff found a chair wwe could push ourselves, avoiding a 20 minute wait. So Maithrie pushed the chair and I pushed both baggage trolleys!

Then we bought 2 more sandwiches and a carton of orange juice from the Spar in the terminal. The chicken one was off, and the orange was not so much resealable as opened, started, and resealed! The taxi driver wasn't friendly or helpful, but at least we arrived at the hotel safely.

And today, after a good breakfast, everything seems much better.

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