Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It wos the Sun wot dun him

So the Sun has come out against Gordon Brown, at the end of his Labour Party Conference. Gordon Brown quite properly replied that it will be the voters who decide the election, not the Sun (The voters of Scotland, Wales and England at any rate, since Labour lack the courage to face the voters in Northern Ireland).

Still, there is something not quite right about a newspaper making the news to this degree. I thought the papers were supposed to report the news (in the Sun's case, the gossip), and I realised that to a degree they also choose the news - but the degree to which this move on this day was calculated to puncture Labour's positive post-conference glow is just a bit too political for my taste.

As the media becomes more political, I hope that in the UK we won't see politicians ignoring the interests of the people and their own principles (for those who still have any) and tailoring their policies to gain the support of Rupert Murdoch's News International, or any other media group.

It's bad enough that they tailor their policies to the interests of companies whose boards they hope to join!


Allen said...

Too political is not good for media, but in fact, more and more medias are becoming politician's tool.

Maybe their own principles are more important than people's interests.

Anonymous said...

..turn a blind eye, evita, turn a blind eye.