Friday, April 22, 2005

Technical support is closed

I've been talking to my mother by phone about her email and stuff. It's tough, describing windows and buttons in words, but doing technical support is one of the perils of being a techie.

But now I'm about to stop for the night... If you're reading this, "Hi Mum!"


Flaming Firegeni said...

The trouble with techies explaining things to non-techies is the discrepancy of the level of techie language between the two.

The conversation can go something like this:
Techie - "click the browser blah blah tab blah blah tool bars blah blah"
Non Techie - "what?"
T - (patiently) "there is a button on the right hand side of the page that looks like..."
NT - "Yes"
T - "Click that"
NT - "OH!"
T - "What?"
NT - "It shut down waaaah"
T - "Ok...just open the page again the button I told you about"
NT - "I clicked that"
T - (phew) "What does it say?"
NT - "aaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhhhhh it doesn't like me"
T - "what does it say?"
NT - "Waaaaah...its refusing to let me do anyfin"
NT - "what? oh! Oh its shut down"
T - (:S - thinking cool it my soul, relax, don't ventilate yet, breathe deeply) "Right now open the page the that blue coloured little picture that looks like a house...on the right hand corner"

and so on... :D

Hmmmm? Isn't doing technical support one of the *joys* of being a techie...


Ruey said...

Hi Paul, just dropping by to thank you for your comments on my blog (wanted to email you but couldn't find an address). Can't really understand why there would be a complaint against the page. I thought only malaysians were devoid of the ability to poke fun at themselves?:P

Anonymous said...

Apparently not :-(