Tuesday, May 10, 2005

But it's sunny outside!

It's way too sunny for an AGM... but there's nothing else for it. I'm off to the Welly Park for tea, biscuits, and talk. Lots of talk - and probably more work to do, if I know anything about the way committees work... and I know way too much about the way committees work, believe me :-(

Just as long as nobody tries to save time with a 15 minute summary of a 5 minute report, like happened at one committee I seem to remember!

It could get like a friend's wedding, where there were speeches "from the floor". After a while (quite a long while, in fact) they requested that people keep their speeches down to two minutes. The only effect this seemed to have was that everyone included a three minute explanation of how quick they were going to be at the start of their rambling reminiscences. Except for the funny guy, of course, who spoke for 120 seconds exactly!

But that's life. And I've rambled on for long enough already, today. I think I'll pretend it's supposed to be ironic or something...

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