Saturday, October 22, 2005

Not again!

Earlier tonight my crown fell out. Again. That's five times now, and twice this week. It's getting beyond a joke.

It fell out last week, late, so the weekend was a bit awkward. On Monday I was able to arrange an emergency appointment for Tuesday, for the crown, and another for Friday, for another tooth that had apparently decided to join the insurrection and start protesting about coffee and icecream.

On Tuesday the crown was cemented back in, and just that evening, out it popped.

Back to the dentist on Wednesday, where they stuck it in again.

Thursday was a day off dentistry.

Friday was time for a filling, which seems to have held so far. But on Friday evening, out popped the crown.

Here we go again...


Flaming Firegeni said...

Can anyone see my eyes rolling? Ha?

Obviously SOMEONE doesn't know their job - you would think? Someone in that dental surgery was incompetent - you would think? SOMEONE needs a "*&*%^% good telling off - you would think.

Before that evil looking spike rips your guts up when you swallow it in the night...


Anonymous said...

It could have been oh so different if it had vanished down the plug hole in the banya in St. Petersburg ...

Flaming Firegeni said...

Oooh yes.

Imagine watching your tooth go down a plug hole in the banya (Whatever that is).

That would sure have been a recipe for a wrecked roaming in russia.