Sunday, March 05, 2006

And why was I in Budapest?

No - none of these are of me ;-)

The day was an interesting fusion of traditions from Ireland and Hungary. The excellent translations helped enormously, since I still only have about five words of Hungarian: Hi, Yes, No, Coffee, and I love you (and some of these are more useful than others)!

Allegedly it's a tradition that if the bride holds a baby, she'll have lots of them! I wonder if anyone warned David?

There was food and drink, there were speeches (in which David got off remarkably lightly), and there was music and dancing.

Judging by David's expression, cutting cakes must be much harder than it looks!

David and Zita lasted very well, considering they'd been up late the night before sorting out the seating plan (or so we were told).

All in all, a good trip!

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