Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maybe it is the worst company in the world after all

A few days ago I had a call from O2 (formerly "the worst company I have ever dealt with, bar none"). They offered me a new handset (Nokia E50) and a 20% reduction in rental in exchange for a 1 year extension of the contract.

Nothing appeared, so I rang them this evening.

Surprisingly, they had no record of the new handset - in fact it's not even in their portfolio, they said. Less surprisingly, they did have a record of my 12-month extension to the contract. Effective one week after Dean rang, but there you go.

The department that may be able to help me had (even less surprisingly) gone home. So maybe tomorrow we'll find out how far O2 are on their way to regaining their status of the worst company I have ever dealt with, bar none.


Rach said...

Well? How did they do?

My dad works for BT - who used to own O2 - and he hates them. The second they stopped getting good deals with O2 (ie when O2 was sold) we switched all our contracts! So not even the employees blame you..

Chris Mosson said...

I totally agree. They have a habit of not recording conversations with you. Not helpful what so ever. I finally left o2 after 3 years and went back to orange. I called them to set up my phone and it was such a nice change to the chavs at o2. I also here that orange out source some departments to general call centres and they are still nicer to deal with than o2.

Worst company ever!