Monday, March 12, 2007

How narcissistic was that?

Just the other day, some celebrity was celebrating her marriage - it might have been that Hurley character. The BBC reported (for hours) that the festivities had been "marred by scuffles".

What actually happened was this: some of the paparazzi had tried to block the couple's car and then get in to the party, the security guards stopped them, and they started fighting. Slaps and shoving, it seems. The press were fighting with security guards outside the locked fortress. Inside, the wedding celebrations weren't actually marred at all.

Get over yourselves.

Now that I think about it, "loutish behaviour by press mars wedding" would have been slightly less misleading.

Perhaps the real story is how badly the press behave, and how much the paparazzi believe they are entitled to hound anyone they label as "in the public eye".

There is a difference between "the public interest", and "what tabloid readers want to know"! The function of a free press must surely be more than merely selling copies (or eyeballs to advertisers).

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