Monday, November 05, 2007

Art 2 get

Last week I saw something new - door to door art salesmen. Young women actually, but never mind. They seem to roam the world, selling paintings. Some interesting pictures too.

I think it's these people!

(photo by numstead, creative commons licence)


Rach said...

I've encountered people selling art door-to-door too - instead they were incredibly rude when they showed up where I was working (the church office)!

Bluishapollo said...

I have just had a guy from Israel selly art and he was really friendly. The prices are extremely reasonable also.

Paul said...

I saw a bloke selling artwork the other week when I was in the Sphinx (possibly the best kebabs in Belfast). Maybe the same guy...

Marlowe said...

I bought off these art 2 get people last year
then lo an behold same group with different person comes round and has a copy of the painting i got last year
i explain this to him and he tells me he never said it was original art

bunch of students churning the same stuff out over and over again

its also available on line

not art surley just painting by numbers