Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If you were wondering why clear plastic bags make toothpaste safer...

Anyone who is puzzled by the peculiar EU rules on bringing "liquids" onto planes (you can, as long as they are in a resealable clear plastic bag, and they are in containers less than 100ml) will be pleased that sanity is dawning - in the European Parliament of all places.

They have asked the European Commission to repeal the ban, unless new facts emerge. They also, quite sensibly, ask for information about exactly what you can bring (the real rules, not the cartoons that every airport interprets differently), and the reasons why, to be given to passengers.

Of course the Commission have a record of ignoring the Parliament, so don't hold your breath waiting for the sanity to spread.

Credit to Bruce Schneier's October Crypto-Gram for spotting this.


Rach said...

I just love how Belfast International is cashing-in on this one. 30 years of terrorism and, if anything, they "lost" money but not this time, oh no. They decided to cash in on the whole affair charging £1 for four clear plastic bags that are £1 for 100s at Tesco.

Well done Belfast, well done.

Woman Analyzer said...

Putting it in a clear plastic bag makes it an unconcealed weapon.

Paul said...

Yeah Ruth. You're right. But at least you CAN get bags there.

In Leeds Bradford Airport, I'd just got through screening and another passenger was being hassled because he had no plastic bags. I offered him mine, but the jobsworth on security said no - apparently my toothpaste and so forth had to stay in its bag till I get off the plane.

The fact that toothpaste was on sale past security, and that there is no way to tell which toothpaste was bought there was lost on him. Rules is rules, apparently. The passenger had to go back out, get himself a bag, and queue again, or dump everything.

@desirea - not quite sure how unconcealed the toothpaste and clear plastic bag will be once it's back inside my non-transparent bag.

And I don't quite get how unconcealed toothpaste is safer than the hidden kind.

I think it's called security theatre - cos it looks like real security, but isn't.

Paul said...

Sorry Rach. My brain is shot and my typing has gone to pot.