Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday we had traffic cops checking our passports and my driving licence. One grumpy "get out of the car" cop, possibly peeved that he'd been waving his torch around and been ignored. One polite cop. We ignored the grumpy one even harder and showed the documents to the good cop, who wished us a good evening and sent us on our way.

Today we were stopped at a Navy checkpoint. They must not have so much to do after the collapse of the Tigers - but I'm not sure why they need to do the Army's job for them - especially as the President is increasing the size of the Army (peace dividend, it seems...)

Such is the aftermath of the Presdential election here in Colombo.


Unknown said...

Does it help that you've years of experience of dealing with checkpoints back home ...?

被リンク said...

It's unlucky to catcht such grumpy cop, and several days ago, I was got a yellow card, because I drove a bike without turning the light on, but the cop was a polite one.

Anonymous said...

did he have red eyes?

Paul said...

Be polite to the nice policeman... hope my wife doesn't mutter anything too loudly till we've moved on :-)