Friday, September 16, 2005

Mobile phone companies worse than dentists?

Good news this time. I went to the dentist and she fixed the crown. It shouldn't really have come out so soon after it was stuck back in, so they didn't charge me. The last time it fell out was in Germany - I've no idea how it manages to pop out when I go on holiday.

A pleasant visit to the Destist, believe it or not. Customer service - it's a great idea :-)

Now lets see how the insurance and mobile phone companies do.

So far it's looking pretty bad for the mobile phone company. They took months to convert a previous contract to pay as you go, and still havn't managed to refund the extra line rental. Now they want to charge me for a new SIM...

I'm starting to think: straw, back, camel...


Flaming Firegeni said...

Well, when one lives in a capitalist consumerist society, where making money is the first priority, the last thing one can expect is decent service that cares for the customer.

Basically most "customer care" is a euphemism for "fleece em bleed em". It doesn't really give a damn. Their fundamental interest *is* to fleece and bleed and if decent care is given it is with a view to fleecing you later.

So methinks you just gotta get ready for fighting...and fighting dirty.

Being polite to sharks and anacondas is generally a waste of time, if not a completely inappropriate way of dealing with them.

I would have said "go for the jugular" but I think finding the jugular of a shark or anaconda is a bit difficut. I am not even sure that they have them :D

Just use a hatchet.

liberranter said...

It's particularly maddening to fight customer service battles with oligopolies like wireless communications companies and internet service providers. While theoretically the consumer has a range of choices in service plans, the fact is that the few companies that provide these services do so according to the same basic business plan and the same attitude toward the customer. This attitude can basically be summed up as "hey, you can't do without our service, so take what we offer you or go ahead and do business with [insert name of competition here] who will give you the same half-assed service and inflated prices we will. Take your pick, but you'll be back."

This seems especially prevalent in the "essential services" industries such as telecommuinications and utilities. I'm not sure what the near-term answer is other than to just make yourself generally obnoxious and encourage great numbers of others to do the same.

Flaming Firegeni said...

Oooh I love that bit of advice
"make yourself generally obnoxious"

:D Wonderful.

Baring the canines and rolling the eyeballs, and going for the jugular - I guess that can be classified as "obnoxious" innit?

liberranter said...

I don't know how much good rolling the eyeballs does (but hey, if it's worked for you, I'll give it try), but baring the canines and going for the jugular is definitely an appropriate way to show customer dissatisfaction if the recipient is: 1) a teen-ager or twenty-something with an attitude; 2) unable to answer even the most basic requests for information or help; or 3)an attorney, insurance salesperson, used car dealer, or fast-food employee.

Oh, and DEFINITELY make sure some saliva drips from one corner of your mouth when you bare the canines. Having a vein stand out in the forehead helps too. :)~