Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Postcards from the middle

I managed to get some postcards sent today, though I had a nasty moment when I thought the lady was asking for 108 litai, which was twice as much money as I had in my posession at the time! Just as I was starting to think that maybe you can have too many friends after all, it turned out she only wanted 10.8 litai.

So some of you will be getting postcards. Some of you won't, cos I ran out of cards, didn't get them finished, will write them in Russia, lost your address, the dog ate them, or Peter and Trevor are too lazy to write them for me.

That's right - postcard writing is much easier, and more interesting, when you have other people who can help to fill in the blank spaces. Unfortunately, with friends like that you need to watch very carefully what they are filling the blanks with! So if you get a suspiciously slanderous card, don't believe all you read ;-)

This is actually a pretty good place to send postcards from. Although it feels a bit like Eastern Europe at times, apparently we're only a few miles (or should that be kilometers?) from one of Europe's many geographical centres. Apparently the middle of Europe is also in Poland and the Ukraine. It's obviously quite a large middle. Can continents suffer from middle-age spread?

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Flaming Firegeni said...

I would have liked a postcard that cost 108 litai. It woulda been a posh postcard innit?

Heh heh. Countries can definitely have a "spread", middle age or otherwise. It's not the kind of spread you are talking about...but it is a "spread" nevertheless.

Behold the Merkin three M, "middle age spread" across the globe: Merchandise, MacDonalds, and Missiles.


No love lost between that spreading continent and me.