Monday, September 26, 2005


Strange! Today there seems to be an armchair in the male toilets at work - just beside the urinals, in fact. One of those sitting-in-a-meeting, slightly-but-not-very comfortable chairs, with apologies for armrests.

So is it officially a restroom now?
Or is that just an American way of avoiding the word "toilet"?


Flaming Firegeni said...

An armchair in a toilet doth not a restroom make.

A toilet by any other name...etc (Courtsey Shakespeare) :D

Well you gotta hand it to the merkins for making fancy names. Only they will call a toilet a restroom and a bomb a daisy cutter. :p

Diddakoi said...

Maybe it's a new innovation in the way things should be done around here then.

Was the chair very close to a urinal or far away? Since then, have many chairs been added, one for each urinal thingy?

Have you noticed anything strange or unusual in the behavior of those individuals using the urinals these days?

My advice to you ees this, leesten carefully, I zall zay thees onlee oncze,


Diddakoi said...

It came to mind this morning that actually I saw a urinal in a ladies toilet in a restuarant in Bangkok. I found this completely by accident, it was tucked away far at the back of an old passageway, and the entrance had a sign that read "BOX ROOM, Privilged entrance only". Once I went in this door, was another door that read "Ladies".

If you ask me, I think certain individuals of the human race are evolving, without telling the rest of us about it.

Like I said before, keep your eyes and ears open and be on guard, we may all be extinct and taking our places in the history books as Has-beens next to the chapter on dinosours.

Paul said...

So that room was for privileged ladies only? I'm not sure what that implies...

As for the urinal with chairs, I've not checked recently, but there was only one chair and the room was otherwise deserted. No users. It was late though - perhaps it gets really busy during the day?

Flaming Firegeni said...

It came to mind that perhaps according to the rules of men regarding the use of toilets - urinals should be PROHIBITED. And armchairs introduced as subliminal accessories.

Let them introduce armchairs in the toilets so that it gets the men used to the idea of sitting. Whoever taught them to stand should have taught them to aim. And urinals are a BAD idea - they encourage bad aims.

After a few months men will think in the following way...with their quaint use of logic.
"urinals, armchairs, sit, armchair, sit, toilet, sit".

Well it might happen. We could watch and pray.

Keep the armchairs coming I say. That should solve a fundamental problem of the male female dynamic on all matters loo.

Paul said...

Apparently there is research to show that if there is a picture of a fly on the urinal, people (OK, well men) aim at it, and the accuracy rate is thereby much improved.

Flaming Firegeni said...

This pearl of knowledge should be circulated in the general public.

I can see millions of women standing in queues to get a designer model of a urinal with fly picture. On the other hand they should probably send the men to queue up and carry one home.


Paul said...

If women really are that uptight about having the toilet seat left in just the right position, I can't see them agreeing to the installation of a urinal :-p

On the other hand, if it ensures the toilet seat is left down... maybe you're on to something!