Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bad Bloggers! Naughty Bloggers!

Apparently blogging is eeeevil, according to Ambassador Youth, an online magazine at "the only website on earth that explains the truth of virtually every biblical doctrine — and in extraordinary detail".

The argument is "interesting" - with no sense of irony, the author begins by lamenting that Blogs give young people (Oh, the horror!) a "voice". Still, I thought you might be interested in this snippet from the fruitcake zone.

Reported in The Register.


Monique said...

Gasp! Bloggin's a sin? Perpetuated by vain, self-governing youth of weak character? Does this mean I'm a youth?? I tried to read that article written by "The Restored Church of God" but it is BC (before coffee) and I was quickly bored - actually sickened is a better word. Ohhhh my sins just keep piling up.... and it's only 8AM.

Alabama Flat Roofing said...

Loved reading this thanks