Monday, October 02, 2006

A wee break

The west coast of Scotland is beautiful this time of year.

and it doesn't rain all the time!


Monique said...

wow! beautiful doesn't even begin to describe the scenery you captured! I love the picture of the boat... I wish I were there laying on the bank... listening to the water lapping up against the shore... watching the clouds drift by... ahhhhhh thanks for the daydreamy interlude :)

Flaming Firegeni said...

Lying on the bank by the lochs of Scotland? :O Erm not really...

Nah, definitely idyllic, but think *C-O-L-D* with a shiver or two. Not really what you might describe as "relaxing-on-the-bank-of-the-loch" weather.

But definitely beautiful and excellent photography indeed ;D

Paul said...

Yeah, sometimes you can feel the clouds drift by! But it was a good trip.

And the company was OK^H^H^H eggsellent!

Anonymous said...

I like the closing comment...
"it doesn't rain all the time!"

I have to laugh because I live in
Northern California and I find myself saying that a lot too!

Just a wee bit of humor for you
as I myself am going through "dentist" thing...So
hope you found a good dentist, or
have gotten yourself a tooth fairy
container...maybe if you put it under your pillow, you might come away with a treat of some sort...
but of course it might not be a good or "fair" trade. Who knows what the tooth fairy is giving out these days!

Then again maybe the tooth fairy
my get a little peeved...and who
knows if "she?" has a sense of humor!