Friday, September 16, 2005

Charge spammers

Not sure whether this will help, but it might make me feel better. I don't want any ads on here but if spammers must plug their sites, they should note the following terms:

Terms and Conditions

SPAMMED ads or URLs or links to commercial or search sites are posted in comments on this site on the following terms:

  • Such advertising is charged at UK £25 per day or part thereof.
  • There will also be an administrative fee of UK £75 to verify the address and to determine whether the site falls within acceptable bounds of decency and taste. These bounds are set and varied at the sole discretion of the site author.
  • No guarantee or warranty is made of level of service, or availability of service.
  • Service may be terminated without notice at any time, and further daily advertising charges will not accrue after that point.
  • Posting a link or URL in a comment on this blog constitutes acceptance of this offered contract.
  • The terms of this contract may be revised at any time, by updating this page, or any later page.
  • This contract may be enforced in any court at the discretion and convenience of the site author.

What do you think - should I put the charges up?


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

This is Mal here from the New Horizon crew, i have a load of pics on my website of NH if ya wanna have a look, also have a added a funnies page to my site, if yuou like it maybe put a link to it on your blog site, If you wanna reply to me my email is on my site, all the best

Paul said...

Thanks for the pictures - I really should post some of mine! Then again, maybe I should sleee....